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StatusReference proteome
Proteome IDiUP000007017
Taxonomy654908 - Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus (isolate Iceland/Hveragerdi)
StrainIsolate Iceland/Hveragerdi
Last modifiedFebruary 26, 2018
Genome assembly and annotationi GCA_000838145.1 from ENA/EMBL
Pan proteomei This proteome is part of the Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus (isolate Iceland/Hveragerdi) (SIFV) pan proteome (fasta)


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Component nameGenome Accession(s)


  1. "Sequences and replication of genomes of the archaeal rudiviruses SIRV1 and SIRV2: relationships to the archaeal lipothrixvirus SIFV and some eukaryal viruses."
    Peng X., Blum H., She Q., Mallok S., Brugger K., Garrett R.A., Zillig W., Prangishvili D.
    Virology 2001:226-234(2001) [PubMed] [Europe PMC] [Abstract]
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